California Dreamin’

One with the clouds, the journey to Cali begins.
I just had to get the obligatory picture of Sunset Boulevard.
The Hollywood Walk of Fame has some pretty great views if I say so myself.
Spent the day pretending to be Emma Stone on the set of La La Land.
“Dog of the water” waiting for some nice humans to throw him a snack.
Cute lil’ toesies.
Santa Monica has my whole heart.
Pretended I was Hannah Montana the whole walk down.
Good ole’ pier coaster.
Scoops, scoops, scoops!
Like I said, it has my heart.

This trip is definitely one for the books. California has everything: city, mountains, beach and just about everything else someone could want. It has a zest to it that’s unlike anywhere else I’ve been. I’m also very thankful for my good friend, Chloe, who now lives in L.A. and is all the more reason to go back and visit (possibly even move). The trip was full of good times, amazing food, perfect weather, puppies, and the breathtaking views you see above.

Cali, I hope to see you very, very soon. Till then, take good care of my heart and my sweet Chloe ❤


Photo Credit: By Brittani Schiller


My Five Favorite (Chicago) Things

Chicago is my home away from home. Though I’m currently living in Florida, I do live in the city most of the year while going to school. I also grew up there so it’s definitely considered a home for me. Over the past two years, I’ve been lucky to live downtown and soak up all of the wonderful, zesty life the city has to offer. It’s one of those cities that makes anyone feel like they belong and has something for everyone. Below are some of my favorite things to do in good ol’ Chi-Town.

  1. Chillin’ by the lake DSCN1772There’s something magical about the lake. It’s the type of place where you can go and do literally nothing, but be completely content. The views, the atmosphere, the breeze… everything about it just puts your mind to rest. It comes in very handy around exam time when you’re stressed to the max and just need a moment away. Another thing that I love is that there’s always a mix of people. Whether they’re running, walking, biking, or just sitting breathing it all in, it reminds me that we’re all connected in this great big world in one way or another. It’s all around good for the soul.
  2. Soaking in the VIEWS!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetChicago is quite the picturesque city. Seriously, a picture of a trash can on a street corner can end up looking good. I’m constantly acting like a tourist and stopping every few seconds to take pictures. The fusion of the old architecture with the new gives the city even more character than it already has, and I just love it.  There’s so much history in Chicago and being surrounded by it is pretty remarkable. I encourage anyone reading to take a trip there. I promise you the city will not disappoint.
  3. Finding the deals and $teals IMG_3666Like pretty much all college students, this girl is on a budget. In the city, especially, things tends to be a lil more expensive than my liking. However, Chicago has plenty of places that can accommodate a cheap budget. When it comes to clothes, one of my favorites is Urban Outfitters Surplus. It’s pretty much an Urban Outfitters discount store with everything at sale prices. It’s the bomb. Another one, not unique to the city, is the good ol’ Salvation Army. When it comes to food, the delicious (and affordable) meal pictured above is found at the iconic Devil Dawgs. In a place where price tags can be a little steep, I love finding those places where my cherished dollar can go a long way and get me the good stuff.
  4. Finding the yummy ice cream shops! Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI’m an ice cream fanatic. It may be my favorite thing ever, and Chicago is full of the cutest little shops one can find. The ice cream above can be found at the lovely George’s on the Northside. Another favorite is the well-known Jeni’s in Wicker Park. I can go on and on about how delightful ice cream is, but that would possibly never end. So, moral of the story… Chicago knows what’s up when it comes to scrumptious sweets, and finding them is the best.
  5. Strolling down Michigan AvenueProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

    Talk about a city oozing with life. Walking down Michigan Avenue is exhilarating in my book. There’s so much movement and it has a feeling about it that’s like no other. You’re surrounded by big buildings and you’d think that would make you feel so small, but it actually is a little reminder that you’re important; that you can do anything in this world, and do it with confidence. It’s also pretty great at night. The city is a little quieter and everything is lit up. It’s a sight to see and a feeling I hope to never forget.

    Photo Credit: By Brittani Schiller