California Dreamin’

This trip is definitely one for the books. California has everything: city, mountains, beach and just about everything else someone could want. It has a zest to it that’s unlike anywhere else I’ve been. I’m also very thankful for my good friend, Chloe, who now lives in L.A. and is all the more reason to... Continue Reading →


Home Sweet Home Here's a little ride through Dunedin, Florida. From beautiful views to endless palm trees, I'm lucky to call this place home. Enjoy your ride 🙂   Video by: Brittani Schiller Backing Music: iMovie Audio

A Walk Down The Aisle

We all know the feeling. You enter the long pathway of judgment and can’t do much to escape. There's people behind you, people in front of you (unless you're the lucky A1), and people to your left and right. Eyes are on you. What is normally a walk in the park becomes strenuous. You may... Continue Reading →

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