Question of the Day

What is something that brings you joy?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of something that excites me and brings me joy is theater. Whether that’s going to a show or performing in a show, I am my best self while in a theatrical atmosphere.

Thinking way back, I remember always wanting to sing and perform (side-note: being a performer at Disney is my ultimate dream). Unlike Florida, when I lived in Chicago we had basements, and my basement was pretty much my own little stage. I would go on our dial-up computer for hours on end with my microphone in hand and YouTube karaoke blasting away. I did a little dance back in the day, some shows in middle school, choir performances and then was able to discover musical theater on a bigger scale in high school.

Now, I feel like majority of my heart belongs to theater and everything that it is comprised of. In simple terms, it’s an art form. It’s all about people coming together to create and share a story and communicate with each other and the audience. Music alone has a way of transporting you into a world that seems limitless, and theater is that on another level. Being on stage allows someone to jump outside of their comfort zone, create a character, be a different person, live in a new world, and explore everything the stage has to offer. There’s truly no limits and it’s a beautiful form of expression that I have fallen in love with.

One of my main focuses for this blog is that it acts as a reminder to not only notice the things that bring us joy, but appreciate them to the fullest. However big or small they may be. Whether I’m laying in bed listening to a cast recording or getting ready backstage, theater is one of those things in my life that reminds me how incredibly wonderful this life is. I sadly haven’t been in a show for about two and a half years now, but have taken several classes at school and it’s still a major part of me. It’s a very rare day when I don’t listen to my jams and belt a little too loud. With that said, I hope to get back on stage in the very near future (fingers crossed for Disney, ladies and gents).

No matter who you are, where you come from, where you want to be, we all have things in our lives that bring us joy, make us smile, make us laugh, make us cry (yes, ugly cry too), and make us feel like we belong. Those things that make you hold your hands to the sky and thank the universe for its existence. The things that make you take an extra deep breath to soak up all of its goodness.

I invite you, reader, to comment on this post and answer the same question. What is something that brings you joy? While we are all different, we are all very much alike and connected. We all have passions, and I’d love to read about the things that you love most.


Photo Credit: By Brittani Schiller



A Talented Little Star

I’m sure many of you have seen this video. I couldn’t help but share it myself and all of its pure bliss. This little girl is singing for her LIFE, and I don’t think someone can watch this without smiling the entire time. She’s feelin’ it and makes you feel it too.

Finding these types of videos (which can be pretty easy thanks to Facebook) makes me so so happy. And a lot of the time, these videos pop up when ya need it most. A little laugh is always helpful, especially when it involves kids and their abundance of joy and energy.

I can seriously watch this on repeat and it continues to fill me up with goodness. She’s not holding anything back and if we want to get a little deep real quick; it’s a good reminder we should never hold anything back. We may be on a bigger stage (hello, life), but that’s the exact reason to go for it and give it our all. We only have one to live so let’s make it rock (hey, Hannah Montana). All in all, shoutout to this little girl for reminding me of that and hopefully you as well.


Photo Credit: By Brittani Schiller


A Walk Down The Aisle

We all know the feeling. You enter the long pathway of judgment and can’t do much to escape. There’s people behind you, people in front of you (unless you’re the lucky A1), and people to your left and right.

Eyes are on you. What is normally a walk in the park becomes strenuous. You may forget how to properly hold a bag. You may even lose all your upper body strength the moment you need it most. Those lifts are tough, people (when you overpack like yours truly).

So, you entered. People are surrounding you and you instantly become a little speck in a long chilly/hot cylinder. It’s either freezing and you need a winter jacket or you feel trapped in a sauna. Nice men and women greet you with big smiles on their faces especially on those lovely 7:05am journeys. And then your trip down the aisle begins. Scoping out the scene to find the perfect seat. Walk, walk, walk. Window, aisle, middle…which will you choose?! The window is an easier escape. The middle is just a no. The aisle gives you breathing space, but makes you an easier target. Your choice.

Walk, walk, walk. Eyes are peering in your direction sending fireballs of judgement. The baby sees you and instantly starts wailing. The businessman is so glued to his phone the flight attendants could say, “We’ve arrived. Welcome to Disney World!” and he’d race to the exit without question. The mom of twins is destroying the diaper bag looking for the bottle that’s already in the little boy’s hands. And then there’s the old man smirking that makes you debate whether your sister’s wedding is even worth the trip.

What you thought was an average outfit becomes a birthday suit, and your insecurities grow by the thousands. Walk, walk, walk.

The moment is here. You see the seat calling your name in the distance. Walk, walk, walk. It’s time to show the world the big guns. Lift up that suitcase and place it swiftly in the overhead compartment. Is that sweat on your forehead? Wipe it off before dear old grandpa decides to change seats and wipe it off for you.

You sit. Aisle to yourself (so far). And then something strange happens. You begin questioning the lady’s outfit. The prayers commence and you pray the sports guy doesn’t choose your row. The flight attendant is way too happy for a 7am flight. Should of brought the winter coat. That guy is in desperate need of a haircut. What is that smell? Seriously, another baby? Do not sit here. Do not sit here. Whew. Ooo he’s cute. Sit here. Stop staring. He looks like a murderer. This shall be fun. Do not sit here. Do not sit here. Crap. 

It’s funny how it works. From the judged to the judger. To feeling insecure to noticing all the little details they once noticed about you. Life is sure filled with lots of those moments. Good ole’ Southwest flights. Full of those ups and downs, if ya know what I mean.


Photo Credit: By Brittani Schiller