My Promise Letter to Time

Dear Time,

I am writing to you today because you are worthy of praise. You are a very weird concept and sometimes it feels like you are slipping away, but having you by my side is a true blessing.

We aren’t told how much of you we will have or how little of you we will receive, but I’m learning day to day that we must fully appreciate you in your entirety. Sometimes you like to walk. Sometimes you like to run full speed ahead. I have found that the walking pace comes when I want you to run. When things aren’t necessary ideal, I’ve noticed you take a little longer to pass. On the contrary, the running seems to take place when things are at a high. All of a sudden, the days are passing and you are flying. I am writing you today to tell you that no matter what speed you choose, I’m learning that each is important and each is a gift.

No matter what stage of life someone is in, we are blessed to be in a stage period. Going forward, I promise to appreciate every ounce of you that I receive. I have a tendency to look at what’s coming rather than what is now and what is present. I also have a tendency to focus on things from the past. Both tendencies leave me looking at something that is out of reach and not presently with me. While you grant us the ability to remanence as well as the ability to look beyond, I promise to appreciate you in the moment just as much.

It’s funny. It seems as if when we’re kids we want to be the prestigious adult. And when we’re in the middle, in adulthood but not yet in the “old” category, we wish to go back to the days that are filled with play time and the unforgettable nap time. It’s that whole way of thinking that we want what we can’t necessarily have. But what we don’t realize, is that we have you each step of the way. You are what permits each step to happen.

You are the foundation for this lovely little thang. I promise to cherish you and do good with the amount I am allotted. I promise to soak in each moment, be in the present, and always recognize your lovely composition.

With immense gratitude,



Photo Credit: By Brittani Schiller


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